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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Experience gentle dental care.

If you are looking for wisdom teeth removal in Myrtleford, look no further than Great Alpine Dental. We have extensive experience in the removal of wisdom teeth. So, you can feel confident knowing you or your child are in safe hands. 

Our team understands that having teeth removed can be daunting for many patients. So, we make sure you’re treated with extra gentle care and are as comfortable as possible from start to finish.

Wisdom teeth are found at the back of your jaw on both the top and bottom of your mouth. They are usually the last teeth to make an appearance in your mouth if they make an appearance at all. This normally happens between the age of 17 and 25.

Often, there is insufficient space in one’s mouth to accommodate for these late-blooming wisdom teeth. As a result, they become ‘impacted’ or otherwise known as being ‘stuck’ in an awkward position. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many issues. These include pain and swelling and even the promotion of tooth decay. 

Some of the other reasons we may recommend wisdom teeth removal are:

  • Damage to surrounding teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth can harm neighbouring teeth, mostly the 2nd molars. They can become more prone to dental issues such as decay, gum disease and even bone loss.
  • Increased risk of infection: When wisdom teeth are impacted more food and bacteria than usual can get lodged under your gum line. This trapped food debris and bacteria can lead to infection, which if left untreated can become severe and cause a lot of pain. 
  • Tumours and cysts: Whilst this isn’t very common, cysts and tumours appearing in surrounding areas of the mouth can occur. 
  • Overcrowding of teeth: Wisdom teeth that are impacted place a lot of extra pressure on your other teeth. Sometimes, this can result in movement that causes your teeth to misalign. 

What To Expect When Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

We have many years of experience in this field of dentistry. We can perform wisdom teeth removal in the comfort of our Myrtleford dental practice. At Great Alpine Dental, we usually remove wisdom teeth using local anesthetic for your comfort and relaxation.

  • The process begins with a digital scan of your jaw to assess whether your wisdom teeth need extraction. 
  • If we think your wisdom teeth need removing, we will provide you with all the information you need and book you in for the procedure. 
  • Usually, your wisdom teeth will get removed with you under conscious IV sedation. So, it’ll all be over and done with without you feeling or seeing a thing!
  • After a short in-clinic recovery period you will be able to safely go home without the inconvenience of needing to spend the night in the hospital.

Our team is here to support you every step of the way and our care extends long beyond the removal process itself. We provide you with all the post-operative instructions and medicine you need. We aim for you to have the most comfortable, effective and speedy removal and recovery possible. 

We recommend a follow-up appointment about two weeks after your wisdom teeth removal. This allows us to ensure that your recovery is on track and that you are feeling happy and comfortable. 

If you’re feeling concerned about your wisdom teeth, please contact our friendly team.