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Sleep Apnoea and Snoring Therapy

We genuinely care.

Snoring is not just a funny sound you make when sleeping, it’s an indication that your airway may be obstructed. During sleep, some people experience narrowing or partial closure of their airways. This common breathing disorder is known as sleep apnoea and affects a considerable amount of people in Australia. 

It’s caused by excessive muscle relaxation whereby the soft tissue at the back of your throat begins to droop, obstructing your airflow. Sleep apnoea results in very disturbed sleep. This is due to snoring and repeatedly waking up because of a lack of oxygen. This, of course, can also be disturbing for those sleeping beside you.

Whilst snoring is often culturally perceived as a joke, this breathing disorder is not something to ignore. It can impact your health in more ways than fatigue. Left untreated, sleep apnoea can contribute to other major health issues, like high blood pressure and heart problems. 

When it comes to sleep apnoea and snoring, patients turn to Great Alpine Dental when they: 

  • Often wake up with a sore throat
  • Feel lethargic and tired throughout their days 
  • Are suffering from moodiness and/or lack of concentration 
  • Feel inclined to nap often 
  • Have been told by their partner that they snore 
  • Are disturbing the sleep of others with their continual snoring through the night

If you can relate to any of the above, there may be a chance that you have sleep apnoea. The good news is that Great Alpine Dental makes it easy for you with our A-Z solution. 

What To Expect When Having Sleep Apnoea Therapy

Our A-Z solution includes arranging your sleep test, liaising with your sleep physician and facilitating the provision of your sleep apnoea device, should you need one.

  • We will refer you to a sleep specialist for telehealth. They will then post you your sleep study device. 
  • Once your sleep study is complete, your sleep specialist will send us your sleep report and recommendations for treatment. 
  • For mild to moderate sleep apnoea, our dentists can custom make a retainer-like oral appliance to help ease your symptoms. This oral appliance prevents the collapse of the soft-tissue at the back of your throat while you sleep. It assists in moving your tongue and bottom jaw forward to clear your airways. 
  • Once your oral device is ready, you’ll need to come for a fitting appointment. During this appointment, we will ensure the perfect fit. At Great Alpine Dental, we provide 3D printed nylon devices. They are a lot less bulky and virtually unbreakable.
  • Routine follow-up appointments are important. They allow your dentist to assess the success of your device and make any changes if necessary. 
  • It’s a good idea to conduct a repeat sleep study whilst you wear your new oral device. This can accurately evaluate improvements in your breathing while you sleep. 

Don’t let sleep apnoea exhaust you. Make an appointment at Great Alpine Dental to see how we can assist you in getting a restful night’s sleep.