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Digital Smile Design

Test drive your new smile.

Here at Great Alpine Dental, we follow DSD protocols, and specialise in technology that uses world-class innovation to give our patients the best results. For a smile makeover, we follow the Five Smile Makeover Standards to guarantee the quality of the treatment we deliver. These 5 standards include Digitization, 3D Facial design, Digital treatment planning, Trial smile and Guided digital dentistry.

What’s even better is that this technology isn’t limited to smile makeovers. It can be used to treat worn down teeth, broken teeth or even facilitate a mouth rebuild.

This advanced cosmetic dental protocol gives you the opportunity to co-design the smile of your dreams with your dentist. It allows you to see a realistic visual representation of your new smile, before committing to it. You wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a spin first, so why should it be any different with the smile of your dreams?

Digital Smile Design is changing the world of dentistry. It can enhance your life by giving you and your dentist the tools to create and approve your perfect smile, together. It’s completely non-invasive and all done using digital technologies and copy-paste dentistry. This means you will get a predictable and consistent result.

What To Expect From Digital Smile Design


The Digital Smile Design process and the time it takes may differ slightly from one patient to another. Generally speaking though, the process looks something like this:

  • We will begin by taking a combination of photos, x-rays and impressions of your mouth. 
  • Then we will take a video from different angles of you talking and smiling.
  • The Digital Smile Design protocol will generate several smiles which we can digitally place over your teeth to show you what the results of your treatment will look like. Love a celebrity’s smile? No problem! We can show you what it would look like on you!
  • You and your dentist can make any final adjustments (tooth length, colour or shape) to your smile design before approving it! 
  • Your treatment plan will be meticulously created for you to approve.
  • Treatment commences. 
  • And you’re on your way to the smile you’ve always dreamed of!  

If you’re wanting to enhance your smile, why wait? Digital Smile Design makes it easier than ever to create your ideal smile. The predictability and accuracy it offers allow you to confidently make decisions regarding your smile makeover