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Clear Aligners

Invisalign and Spark

Set your smile straight with clear aligners.

Straighten Your Smile

Your smile is what introduces you to others and lets them know who you are. However, if you aren’t confident with your smile you may find yourself hiding it and shying away. While every smile is beautiful in its uniqueness, sometimes you just want to fit in— and that’s perfectly okay! Clear aligners aim to straighten your smile so you can strut and smile away like you’ve always wanted to.

Clear Aligner Options



Invisalign is a type of clear aligner that sits on your teeth to adjust them over time. They are nearly invisible to the naked eye, so they can be a great choice as an alternative to traditional metal braces.



Spark Aligners are another near-invisible option that is soft and comfortable to wear and leads to minimal aligner stains. Made from TruGEN™ material, Spark aligners are designed for efficient tooth movement and offer excellent results.

Why Invest In Invisalign Or Spark?

Traditional orthodontic treatments such as metal braces can be a hassle and are quite noticeable to others. This can be uncomfortable for many people who would prefer their treatment to be as undetectable as possible.

Clear aligners have been rising in popularity due to the results they can achieve with as little disruption to your smile as possible. They allow your teeth to gradually move into alignment through a simple and straightforward process, and in such a physically clear way that many people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Together with our Virtual Dental Monitoring App, you have a reduced need for regular checks during the aligner treatment. We are constantly in touch with you without you needing to visit the clinic. The Monitoring App has also been shown to reduce treatment times and give more predictable results.

Ready to straighten your teeth in stealth style?

Why Invest In Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners offer a lot of benefits to users of all ages. Often, people associate orthodontic treatment with teenagers, but in reality, many adults use clear aligners such as Invisalign and Spark as well. Wearers in all age groups may benefit from:

Straighter teeth

Increased confidence during social interactions


Better smile alignment

Comfort during treatment

Near-Invisible Treatment

Improved oral hygiene

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Frequently Asked Questions

As well as confidence during your treatment, when you complete your treatment you’ll be rewarded with straighter teeth and better smile alignment. Both of these can boost your self-esteem and help you to smile without worrying.
The length of the treatment also depends on the complexity of the case. Some people may finish their treatment in three months, while others can take up to 18 months.
Unlike braces, clear aligners such as Invisalign and Spark are practically invisible during social interactions, which can allow wearers to talk and smile without concern. They’re also more comfortable than traditional braces and have been shown to be more conducive to oral hygiene during treatment.

Great Alpine Does Aligners Differently

At Great Alpine Dental we’re a registered Invisalign provider and have extensive experience in providing cosmetic and general dental treatments. We do dental treatment differently in that we have DSD virtual smile design, which can show you your star smile before treatment even begins. This way, you can trial your smile and see how much more confident and self-assured you can be after your clear aligner treatment.

Our Smile Gallery

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Yellow teeth
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Start Your Smile Journey

Clear aligners like Invisalign and Spark can give you the smile of your dreams through a comfortable, straightforward treatment. The aim is straight and well-aligned teeth, while the treatment itself is practically invisible, which can bring comfort and confidence along the way.

If you’re interested to find out if clear aligners could be right for you, book an appointment with our helpful and professional team at Great Alpine Dental today.