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Tips to Prepare for Root Canal Treatment

Did your dentist say you need root canal treatment? There’s no need to be scared or anxious. Root canal treatment is a common but necessary dental procedure to remove infected pulp from a decayed tooth. 

A root canal treatment removes infected tissue from inside a tooth, leaving only healthy tissue behind. It is a way to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. With appropriate preparation and aftercare, root canal treatment can save your existing tooth and protect the remaining healthy teeth from infection. If you’re going in for a root canal treatment, these five tips can help you prepare for it and ensure that your experience and recovery are free from complications or stress.

What’s Involved in Root Canal Treatment

The first step in root canal treatment is to numb the tooth. The dentist injects local anesthetic and checks that the area is completely numb before continuing.

Next, the dentist uses small tools to open up the tooth to allow access to the inside. The dentist clears damaged and infected pulp from inside the tooth, shaping the canal space and perhaps also using an antimicrobial solution to clean it.

A filling is placed to seal the tooth, and sealant is then used to protect the filling and to keep saliva and bacteria from entering the tooth. A few weeks later, a permanent crown may be needed to be placed over the filling to protect the treated tooth.

Does It Really Hurt?

Root canal treatment should not hurt. Many people feel a slight pinch when the dentist injects the local anesthetic, but after that, the area quickly becomes numb. You should not feel the dentist drilling into the tooth or scraping away the damaged pulp. If you feel pain, let the dentist know.

After the procedure, it is normal to have some sensitivity. You can use pain relief medication to feel more comfortable. There are also tips that you can follow to prevent pain after a root canal treatment, such as only eating soft foods and elevating your head during sleep.

Remember that root canal treatment is essential to prevent decay from spreading further into the tooth. If you do not have the treatment, the tooth will likely become more painful over time as the decay becomes more severe.

Tips to Prepare for Root Canal Treatment

Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoke can cause irritation while your mouth is healing from a root canal treatment. The chemicals in cigarette smoke slow healing and prolong the recovery period. Try to quit smoking before your root canal treatment and keep it up for at least two to four weeks after the treatment. If you can kick the habit for good, then that would be even better for your oral health.

Prepare to Avoid Alcohol

As well as giving up smoking, it would be best if you also abstain from alcohol while you are recovering from your root canal treatment. The minimum recommended period is 48 hours, but some dentists recommend waiting longer before having a drink. You might want to prepare for this dry period by avoiding purchasing alcohol to keep at home or making a plan to avoid being in situations where you feel pressured to drink.

Stock Up on Soft Foods

After a root canal treatment, you should stick to soft foods that are easy to chew. Prepare foods such as soup, mashed potato, or smoothies to get good nutrition without needing to chew while you recover. It’s also best to avoid very hot or ice-cold foods, which can trigger sensitivity.

Root Canal Treatment at Myrtleford

Getting a root canal treatment doesn’t have to be a significant source of stress. By knowing what to expect and doing a small amount of preparation, you can free yourself from fear. Follow the tips given here to prepare for your root canal treatment. Are you ready to schedule your root canal treatment? Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetics & Implants offers a complete range of dental treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Book an appointment today.

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