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Root Canal Therapy

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The inside of a tooth, known as ‘pulp’ consists of nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues. When the pulp, or nerve as it is also called, gets infected by decay, a cavity or tooth damage it can cause pain and lead to swelling and infection.

It’s important not to ignore the signs of pulp infection. This infection can spread to your gums and jaw, having a serious impact on your health. A root canal treatment can stop this infection from spreading, and ultimately save your tooth from otherwise needing extracting. 

What To Expect When Having A Root Canal Treatment

Our dentists can provide you with gentle care and various pain relief options. So, having a root canal at Great Alpine Dental is nothing to worry about!

A root canal treatment is completed over one or two appointments. The treatment might look a little different from one patient to another. But generally, this is what you can expect when having a root canal done at our practice: 

  • We will begin by numbing your tooth and surrounding area. This means you can relax whilst having your root canal treatment done in comfort.
  • They will carefully clean out the infected areas and remove any decayed tooth.
  • The next step is to shape and seal your tooth. This restores it to its original appearance and function and prevents further infection.
  • For best results, some root canal treatments need to be completed with the fitting of a crown. Our dentists may recommend this treatment path if your tooth has significant levels of decay present. 

Don’t live in discomfort.

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