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Dental Fillings

Dental care you can rely on.

 Dental fillings prevent tooth decay from spreading, saving your healthy teeth from damage and improving oral health. Once tooth decay sets in, it can do ongoing damage to your tooth. If left untreated, it spreads to the nerve and healthy teeth, causing pain and damage to your teeth.

Tooth decay in the early stages can be treated with dental fillings. The decay is removed from your tooth and filled with a white composite filling to match your tooth colour. The filling prevents bacteria from entering the tooth, protecting it from further damage. 

Tooth decay in the early stages is usually not painful. Our dentists will perform an oral examination with X-rays if required to identify tooth decay and recommend treatment. Depending on the extent of the damage to your tooth and other factors, our dentists may recommend a crown as a better-suited treatment option.  

What To Expect When Getting A Dental Filling

At Great Alpine Dental, getting a dental filling is quick and straightforward. Our use of modern anaesthetics and techniques ensures you experience no pain and are comfortable during the procedure. 

Here’s what you can expect when coming in for a dental filling:

We use composite restoration material at our practice. This means that by the time you leave your appointment, your filling is completely set. But we recommend avoiding eating until your anaesthesia has worn off (1 to 3 hours) to avoid biting your lips or tongue.

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