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Cosmetic Bonding

For your perfect smile.

For minor dental defects, cosmetic bonding is a simple and affordable cosmetic dentistry solution. These minor defects may include gaps, chips, cracks, wear and discolouration. The process of cosmetic bonding enhances your smile by fixing a natural tooth-coloured resin to the surface of one or more of your teeth.

Our experienced dentists can offer you a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to transform your smile. We know this can make it hard to know which treatment option is right for you, when you’re spoilt for choice. But at Great Alpine Dental, we pride ourselves on giving you all the time, information and guidance you need to make a decision confidently.

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What To Expect When Having Cosmetic Bonding

The simplicity of the cosmetic bonding process doesn’t take away from its effectiveness. A great feature of this treatment option is that it can usually be done in a single appointment. This means minimal time spent in the dentist chair to improve your smile!

  • The first part of the process is having an oral assessment with one of our dentists. They will discuss the issues you have with your smile and pick a resin colour that blends in with your natural teeth.
  • Your tooth/teeth that are having cosmetic bonding will then receive a treatment in preparation for bonding.
  • The composite resin is then applied, shaped, set and polished for a natural look and feel.

To get the most life out of your cosmetic bonding, treat the teeth as you would your natural teeth. Good oral hygiene and keeping up with dental visits will promote the longevity of your dental work. 

Don’t put off improving your smile. Come and see us. Our experienced dentists are happy to talk through your needs and develop a treatment plan that is as best suited to you as possible.