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Our Difference

Experience the Great Alpine Dental, Advanced Esthetics and Implants Difference

Where we focus on prevention, rehabilitation and ongoing dental health maintenance, to help  you with existing dental problems and prevent future ones for a healthier, happier life.

Comprehensive Dental Care Suited to your Individual Needs and Aesthetic Goals.

Unlike most dental clinics we pride in talking long term, we  always aim to provide you with a lifetime strategy for dental  health. We take the time in meticulous planning once we  understand your goals and your dental situation and have helped several patients with complex dental needs.

Personal Touch

We believe building a successful relationship with our patients is the  first step towards moving towards optimal oral health. Our goal is to  create a space  you’re comfortable with and a team who can answer  all your questions and address your concerns.

Whether you have dental anxiety and fears or need to discuss  payment plans, our friendly and empathetic team is here to facilitate you in any way we can.

One on One Consultation

Your first appointment with one of our dentists will give you an  opportunity to discuss your smile and oral health goals and get the  information you need to make an informed decision when moving  forward with your healthcare.

We aim to help you achieve lasting oral health with preventive oral  care to manage risks and tailored treatment plans to get visible and lasting results. The dentist may then schedule further consultations  to allow you to understand and gain clarity before you undertake treatment. Treatments are implemented only after you agree to the plan and are 100% satisfied because our goal is to provide you with a strategy for a lifetime of dental health.

Postgraduate Education

Our clinicians are chosen based on the shared belief and dedication to continuing education well beyond what is required legally.

We have a philosophy centred around disease prevention to give you long-term oral health stability with a focus on its importance on your general health.

Local Myrtleford Dentists You Can Trust

Preventive Approach

Our goal is to provide dental care that lasts a lifetime, treating dental issues before they escalate or arise by educating you about your dental health and presenting timely solutions that fit your lifestyle and dental needs.

Latest Technology & Best Practices

We utilise the latest technologies to devise  evidence-based  treatment plants for you in a pleasant environment.

Dedicated and Trained Staff

From general, cosmetic and Orthodontic dentistry to  complex issues such as dental implants and sleep apnoea, we offer an extensive range of dental  services. Our dentists, hygienists, oral health  therapists and general staff ensure youʼre given first-class care with consistent, high-quality results.

Some of the services and facilities you can enjoy at Great Alpine Dental include: