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What dental services do we provide?

We offer a range of general, aesthetic and restorative dental services ranging from complex treatments such as full mouth reconstruction and sleep apnoea therapy to dental implants and veneers. Please refer to our services page for more information.

Where are you located?

We are located at 165 Myrtle Street, Myrtleford VIC. To get a more precise location, please click here.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Here’s what to expect on your first visit to Great Alpine Dental

  • After you make a booking with us, you will receive a confirmation email and a welcome pack to ensure you have a seamless experience at our office.
  • We can also request your existing dental records, and ask you to bring along your dental x-rays if they are less than 12 months old.
  • On the day of your appointment, our friendly front desk staff will be there to greet you.
  • We will conduct a thorough oral examination, including a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history, dental exam, necessary x-rays, and images.
  • After the examination, we will work with you to personalise a treatment pathway tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and budget.
  • If you wish to proceed with the treatment, we can book you in right away.

After the procedure, we manage your treatment with regular checkups to monitor your progress and help you kick off your journey towards great oral health.

Are regular dental checkups important?

At Great Alpine Dental, our philosophy is to provide you with a lifetime strategy of great dental health. Regular check ups are an integral part of this. Therefore Yes. Regular dental checkups help detect dental problems early to allow for preventive and corrective treatments. This prevents dental issues from progressing and negates the need for extensive treatments in the future. We recommend regular dental checkups based on your dentists’ assessment of your current oral health to help protect your teeth and gums and maintain good oral health.

Do you provide dental implants?

Yes, we offer dental implants as a lasting solution to your missing teeth and help you reclaim your natural appearance. You can click here to learn more about our dental implant procedures. We also provide All on x dental implants – a full arch solution to missing teeth.

What are teeth aligners and what type of aligners do you offer?

Teeth aligners are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. They work by applying gentle, consistent pressure to teeth over time, gradually shifting them into the desired position, improving your bite alignment and teeth functionality, and helping you achieve a more symmetrical smile. The two clear aligner options that we offer include:

  • Invisalign
  • Spark Aligners

To learn more about teeth aligners and their potential benefits, click here

What are your credentials?

To check the credentials of our principal dentist, Dr Amit Kapoor and the rest of the team at Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetics & Implants, please click here.

How to book a dental appointment at Great Alpine?

Just fill out our contact form for an online booking or call us at (03) 4152 7737 to schedule an appointment.

How did the journey from Great Alpine Dental to Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetic & Implants come about?

Great Alpine Dental’s journey to becoming Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetic & Implants was driven by a desire to provide the local community with convenient access to complex dental treatments. As no other general dentists in the region were offering the same level of service, patients had to travel to Melbourne or Albury for all such treatments. By focusing on prevention, rehabilitation, and ongoing maintenance of dental health, the team at Great Alpine Dental Advanced Aesthetic & Implants aims to reassure the community that they can receive all necessary treatments locally from dentists they can trust. Click here to read more about our journey.

All procedures including full mouth dental implants, implants, aligners, snoring devices etc. start with a comprehensive exam, risk assessment, x-rays and 1 hour with the dentist. At this appointment, the dentist will discuss your needs and offer you a lifetime strategy for great dental health of which this procedure may or may not be a part. We will advise you based on what best meets your needs and desires.

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