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Digital Smile Design: What Is It and What Are The Benefits?

Digital smile design makes your perfect smile possible. It allows you to plan your dream smile and see the results before treatment. Digital smile design (DSD) is a safe, cost-effective way to improve both the look of your smile AND overall dental health.

Every digital smile design is unique and customised to solve each patient’s needs. How’s that possible? Let us explain.

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Dental smile design is a collaboration between dentist and patient. We take photos of your smile and work together to design your beautiful new smile.

DSD goes beyond considering teeth, gums, and jaw when designing a smile. It also considers the other parts of the face — cheeks, lips, and eyes — all the elements that go together to enhance a smile. 

How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

We’ve mentioned that the process is a collaboration between the patient and the dentist. Before beginning the process, the dentist and patient discuss the patient’s treatment goals.

Regardless if the goal is a functional change or for visual appeal (or both), multiple photos are taken of the patient’s face and smile as well as X-rays of the patient’s teeth. 3D design software then creates a 3D model of your smile. Dentists and patients can work together to tweak the treatment plan to create the patient’s perfectly pleasing smile.

This means you get to “test-drive” your smile and know what your smile will look like before we even begin the procedure!

What Are the Benefits of Digital Smile Design?

The benefits of DSD can be both cosmetic and functional. You may get a whiter smile, more even teeth or improve teeth functionality . An improved smile — from teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, or implants — leads to a happier, more confident you. Your self-esteem improves when your smile reveals straight, white teeth without gaps, chips, or yellowing.

Pain-free chewing and the ability to eat your favourite food (the delicious crunch of that first bite into an apple) is a massive benefit for many patients.

DSD procedures also improve overall oral health. When teeth fit together better, your risk of tooth decay and gum disease decreases. We’ve found that patients who are proud of their smile also generally take better care of their teeth. Since dental health is often linked to other health issues, a new smile can also contribute to an increase in your overall health!

The most significant benefit of DSD is happy, satisfied patients who are able to achieve their smile goals and get the smile they’ve always wanted. 

Who Needs Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is suitable for:

  • Anyone unhappy with their smile for any reason
  • Trouble with tooth function – like pain chewing or biting
  • Dental needs such as crowns, implants, teeth bonding, caps, etc.

Nearly everyone is a candidate for DSM. Regardless of the current state of your dental health, digital smile design will help each individual achieve their own unique, perfect smile.

While previous dental work may limit what can be done via digital smile design, patients with previous dental work can still benefit. Some patients may not be candidates for DSD treatments, especially those with seriously decayed teeth or gum diseases.

When Do Dentists Use Digital Smile Design?

While “smile design” can make you think this is just about how you look, DSD is useful for a range of dental treatments:

  1. Smile Makeover. The most common use is improving a patient’s smile — crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, simple whitening procedures, etc.
  2. Restore Function—bridges or dental implants or modifying teeth (shaving, for instance) to improve the bite.
  3. Other procedures include veneers or crowns (often in conjunction with a smile makeover).

Digital smile design is rapidly becoming the gold standard for dental care. In traditional cosmetic dentistry, the results are typically unknown before the treatment is concluded.

While dentists have always strived for an aesthetic smile using previous methods, only DSD considers a patient’s entire face. This leads to a more natural smile that fits the patient.

Design Your Perfect Smile

Are you self-confident when you smile? Are you experiencing pain or bite problems? Digital smile design is the answer. We will work with you to create a plan as unique as your smile. Our patients’ plans are customised to each person’s aesthetic goals. 

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